Our Services

Our Approach

When we provide financial advice, we follow the internationally recognised six step process as follows:

1. Establishing a client adviser relationship.
2. Gathering client information and determining the client’s goals and objectives.
3. Analysing and evaluating the client’s financial status, which may include financial situation, financial needs, financial goals and tolerance for risk.
4. Developing and presenting ‘financial advice strategy’ recommendations and /or alternatives in writing.
5. Implementing the ‘financial advice strategy’ recommendations.
6. Monitoring and reviewing the ‘financial advice strategy’ regularly to make sure the client keeps on track.

At the first meeting with a client, we will clearly explain the financial advice services to be provided to the client and define both the client’s and Sentry’s responsibilities and how these services will be provided going forward. As part of this process, we will also explain the ongoing relationship and how decisions will be made in order to achieve the client’s goals and objectives.

Services and Products Sentry Advisers provide

We are authorised to provide the following types of financial advice services:

1. Financial advice
2. Investment planning services

We provide financial advice services on the following subject matters:

• Cash management and budgeting
• Retirement planning
• Investment planning
• General advice on risk insurance management
• General advice on asset protection and estate planning*
• General advice on taxation relating to investments and insurance*

* Any specialist advice required is referred to the appropriate professional.


We provide ‘financial adviser services’ in relation to the following types of financial products:

Savings and Investment Products

• Direct shares, direct bonds (listed and unlisted)
• Managed funds including unit trusts, superannuation, and  KiwiSaver
• Hedge Funds
• Listed Property Trusts
• Bank deposits and bonus bonds
• Government stock

Fees payable by the client

The fees charged will vary according to the nature of the services provided, and will be disclosed and discussed at the first meeting.